Naknicromo day 6: Favorite books/designers?

I’ll often buy a book based on a pattern or two and not pay much attention to the rest of the patterns, or buy a book and and then let it sit for ages without making anything from it. And, of course, with the internet, free patterns abound. So, other than Maggie Righetti’s books mentioned in the previous post, I don’t think any books stand out in my collection. But that doesn’t stop me from constantly adding to it!

The same pretty much goes for designers. I have often ooh-ed and aah-ed over Norah Gaughan’s designs, but I’m not sure I’ve ever made any of her pieces. I’m really impressed with Andrea Mowry’s designs. Finishing her Om Shawl is one of my goals for this month’s challenge. Her designs have gorgeous color, texture, and drape. After the Om Shawl, I hope to try more of her patterns.

The best sources for the sheer variety of projects are of course and With the number of options – projects of different skill levels, clothing, accessories, decorative items, and even, my favorite, softies – and the availability of single pattern PDFs, it’s hard to justify buying a whole book of patterns or focusing on any one designer.

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