Aaah, March

On this day last year, the high temperature in Albany, NY, hit 81 degrees Fahrenheit. Today it’s a somewhat more seasonable 48 degrees. The overnight low on Saturday is supposed to dip down to the single digits. March, you are a fickle one.

I celebrated my birthday this week. Having a birthday in early March means being at the mercy of March at its ficklest. Inviting friends to come out and raise and glass with me is greeted with varying levels of enthusiasm, from the highest levels when March gives us an early hint of spring, as it did last year, to the lowest levels, when bitter cold, persistent rain, driving winds, or any combination of the three plague us for days on end.

This year, I have no complaints. The week so far has been filled with family and friends, good food and, or course, vacation from work. I love that I’ve reached the point in my life when I can take my entire birthday week off and really give myself time to relax and play, as well as get the house in order somewhat.

Last night a very talented friend presented me with a painting she did of my cat Nilly.


Nilly is 17 years old this year, and even though she’s in very good health now, I know she won’t be around forever, so having this depiction of her while she’s still with me is so special.


My friend works almost solely in the medium of recycled materials, painting on everything from used tea bags (as with the piece above), to pistachio and egg shells, to ginkgo leaves. She also does origami and a variety of other art forms (including a kimono made of tea bags!). Check out her website. Her book, showcasing over 365 tea bag works, is a wonderful gift idea for the art and/or tea lover in your life.

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