Naknicromo day 9: When do you craft?

I subscribe to the “if I’m sittin’, I’m knittin'” philosophy. If I have enough time to sit down and have my feet up, then I have enough time to pick up a project and make some progress on it. Somehow, this week, while on vacation from work, I’ve not had as many opportunities as I thought I would to get some extended knitting time in. I’m grateful that the week has been filled with taking care of some overdue chores around the house, seeing friends and family, and getting my kitty to the vet a couple of times to deal with a situation that was causing her some discomfort, but, now that it’s Thursday and my vacation week is almost over, my fingers are itchin’ to pick up the needles.

Like probably just about every knitter, I find it hard to balance knitting with my other downtime interests. I love to read, and I make every effort to fit time in mornings before work and evenings before bed to read the New Yorker and several chapters of a novel. I’m also trying to learn the basics of French using the Mango Languages site (it’s offered as a free perk by many public libraries!), but that’s been set aside for the time being while doing my Swirl knit-along. Plus … exercise? Yeah, that’s something I need to work harder at fitting into the schedule.

So, with all this going on around the hours I work my full-time job and spend time with my family, that “if I’m sittin’, I’m knittin'” approach has become the rule. If I’m on the couch with the TV on after dinner, I’m knitting. If I can’t take another evening of watching Big Bang Theory or Simpsons reruns, then it’s the couch, knitting, and a podcast, or the local classical station, or some music from my CD collection.

And though most weekends hold the promise of extended periods of uninterrupted knitting time, I find this has become more and more of a myth, as the need for errands, cleaning, cooking and other chores supersede crafting.

Anyone else find that weekend knitting time is hard to come by?

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