Naknicromo day 11: Listen or do anything while crafting?

Though I’m not able to watch TV while knitting (a skill I may never master!), I do often have it on in the background, usually something I’ve seen before, so it’s not important to really pay attention. I realize this is a bad habit. TV, in general, is a bad habit. It sucks me in, feeds the inertia I often feel when the day’s duties are done (and often when they’re not quite done, so they remain undone once the TV has been turned on). I’m trying now to make more use of my Netflix and Amazon Prime subscriptions, so I’ll put shows on that don’t require lots of visual connection. I can then work away and just listen to the storyline unfold.

Podcasts are often a great alternative to having the TV on while knitting. I find Freakonomics very entertaining, some of the TED Talks are good, but I’m often not convinced of the broad assertions being made by the “experts” featured there. I tend to gravitate toward PBS series, such as Modern Love, which can be sort of thought provoking, or Fresh Air. I’ve not yet found a knitting-focused podcast that’s grabbed me, so any recommendations would be welcome.

I listen to classical radio all day while I’m working, so it’s rare that I continue listening into the evening or on weekends while knitting. But on occasion, when I don’t want to have to focus on following the plot of a TV show or movie, and am not in the mood for listening to stories either, I’ll put on a CD. I’ve always been a music lover and an avid concert-goer, but lately, I’ve not been so obsessive about keeping tabs on my favorite bands or going to see live music as frequently. In a way, I kind of miss that fervor and the thrill being one of the “early adopters” of a new act, before they make it big and getting tickets to their shows becomes impossible. But that obsessiveness and fear of missing out (the kids these days call it FOMO … ‘cuz, you know, we’re no longer able to speak in full words, let alone full sentences) is a bit nerve-wracking. I like not having to keep up anymore. I like having the type of contentment in my life that I can feed with simple pleasures, like knitting and good cup of tea.

2 thoughts on “Naknicromo day 11: Listen or do anything while crafting?

  1. YouTube has a bunch of video knitting podcasts. I’m working my way through a few to see if I “connect” with the host. Gentle Knitter is very good. I also enjoy AndreSueKnits. For audio knitting podcast I like Prairie Girls Knit and Spin. They’re a lot of fun.

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