Naknicromo day 12: Share your stash!

Some of my yarn is used as decorative accents around the house.

But the majority is either housed in bags dangling from hooks or cabinet knobs, or in baskets (which are normally kept in bookshelves, away from the sharp kitty claws).

Unfortunately, in my early days of buying yarn, I often didn’t keep the labels or any packaging, so a lot of what I have is kind of a mystery to me as far as fiber content, washing instructions, gauge, etc. goes. That’s really unfortunate, because I’m sure some of it is lovely stuff, but without all that information, it may get used for a purpose that’s not the most suitable to the type of yarn.

Nowadays I do tend to keep my stash better organized, with all the labels intact, and often with the desired pattern in the same bag/basket as the yarn. In setting up the picture of my baskets, I was kind of surprised by the amount I’ve amassed over the years. I had only vague recollections of buying some of it, while other skeins jogged my memory and got me excited about long-forgotten project plans.

Pretty much every knitter I’ve ever met has an out-of-control stash. I feel as if this little exercise has been a wakeup call for me. Maybe a moratorium on new yarn purchases is in order? Or, possibly a new rule for consumption vs. acquisition, as in, I can only buy yarn for a new project after I’ve completed X number of projects using stash yarn?

Does anyone else have strategies for keeping the stash manageable?

5 thoughts on “Naknicromo day 12: Share your stash!

  1. I love your knit hooks! I wish I could leave yarn out as decoration. Yours looks so nice:)
    I too struggle with stash. I try, now that my stash has outgrown it’s designated size container, to only buy when I am ready to cast the yarn/project on. I will make an exception for a fiber event and in that case I try to limit what I buy to things I can only get there. It’s an ongoing issue:)

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    1. Yes! The fiber events are my downfall. As they only roll around once a year, I feel as if I’m cheating myself if I don’t come away with at least three projects worth of new yarn. 🙂

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