Naknicromo day 15: Dream craft storage/set up?

I’m pretty happy with the setup I have now. Knitting is wonderful in that it can be very portable, so you don’t really need a spot that’s solely for the purpose of knitting. As shared earlier, I keep my yarn in bags, baskets, and out in the open as decorative accessories. I have one whole shelf in a bookcase in my living room for most of my knitting books and magazines, but I also have these great craft tables set up in my laundry room.

File Mar 15, 3 29 02 PM

It’s two tables set front to front, and you’ll see there’s loads of storage and an ample surface for spreading projects out. The swift and ball winder can stay attached and not be in anyone’s way. And the cat bed and blanket there next to the tables mean I often have company when I’m working there. Please ignore the WIP peeking out on the side shelf. It’s a very pretty skirt made out of linen, which I doubt I will work with again, as it was a bear.

My goal for about a year now has been to convert the room next to my bedroom into a lounge/spare bedroom/office. It had been used as closet both by my house’s previous owner and by me for the last three years. But it’s such a lovely little room, with its own window, radiators, electrical outlets, lighting and even AC vent, that it’s just screaming to be lived in. But, as you can see, this too is a work in progress.

File Mar 15, 3 29 42 PM

I’m hoping to get reinvigorated for this project in the spring. It will make a lovely spot for next winter, what with morning sun coming in that window and coziness you can only get from these small spaces. And the warmth. It’s so much warmer on my second floor than on the first. It will be a joy to have warm hands while working again.

As far as dream storage goes – it’s pretty much summed up by one word: less. I want to have less of a need for storage because I want to have less yarn. Fewer skeins and more finished objects is the resolution for the rest of 2017 and beyond!


One thought on “Naknicromo day 15: Dream craft storage/set up?

  1. Your craft tables made me a little bit envious:) I wish I could have my ball winder and swift set up all the time. Most of the time I’m too lazy to pull them out and I just wind the yarn into a ball by hand.
    Good luck with your spare room. I have a basement that needs organizing and I just can’t get the energy to do it.

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