Naknicromo day 17: Dream tools?

March seems to be going on and on. That impression probably has something to do with all the snow piled up outside … and the many more Naknicromo entries … 🙂

About the only tool I haven’t yet treated myself to is a spinning wheel. I bought a drop spindle and some roving years ago, but I’ve been hesitant to try them out until I can do so under an expert’s watchful eye. I don’t want to dive in on my own and risk ruining the roving. A yarn store in my area regularly holds introductory/beginner spinning classes on spindle and wheel, so I’m going to try to get to one of those this summer. I need some hands-on experience with a wheel before I make that rather sizable investment. But, I do kinda already have a spot picked out in the house that would be perfect for a wheel …

In thinking about this entry today, I realized I already have a TON of tools:

  • Stitch holders and markers
  • Needles of all kinds (straight, circular, double-pointed, interchangeable circulars)
  • Needle storage solutions
  • Needle sizer and gauge checker
  • Measuring tapes
  • Needle tip protectors
  • Project storage and transportation (baskets, bags)
  • Cable and darning needles
  • Pins and fasteners
  • Pom-pom makers (someone I used to work with got me a Doodle Loom and a Knit Wit rosette maker, which are too funny)
  • Blocking board with blocking pins and wires
  • Swift and ball winder

I rarely deny myself when it comes to cool knitting tools and accessories. But if my early attempts at wheel spinning prove promising, I’m going to have to exercise some self-control and do my research before making such a big purchase.

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