Naknicromo day 18: Technique I want to master

Of all the techniques I haven’t yet tried, steeking is the one I fear the most. Fair Isle, brioche, magic loop – none of these make me sweat as much as the thought of cutting into my knit work.

The Tin Can Knits blog has a wonderful “how to” that makes great use of pictures to show that it’s not really as scary as one would think. But still – to create such a gorgeous piece and then take scissors to it – I get edgy just thinking about it.

I think the key to overcoming my fear will be to start with a smaller piece, preferably using leftover yarn from other projects, so I won’t be reduced to tears should my first attempt fail. This lovely cowl from my local Hudson Valley Knits Ravely group may be just the thing.

2 thoughts on “Naknicromo day 18: Technique I want to master

  1. I sewed (with my sewing machine!) a line down both sides of where I was going to make the cut in the steek and it really calmed me down a lot when I picked up the scissors to make my cut. Afterwards I realized that the yarn wasn’t going to unravel all that much anyway because the steek was holding things together, but still, it was a great crutch to use before I did it.

    The steek I was cutting was in an Alice Starmore Fair Isle coat that I had been knitting for months, so you can understand the anxiety!

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    1. I can’t imagine cutting into a sweater. I’m sure I’ll get there some day, but I’m going to start small. Good tip about sewing before cutting. I’d like to try that and the crochet method in the link I shared fro Tin Can Knits.

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