Naknicromo day 19: More yarn? Or less?

Up until very recently (as in, since doing this Naknicromo exercise), the answer has been “more.” But after sharing my stash a week ago, I realized that I need to come up with a formula for paring down my yarn collection. I have both yarn with specific projects in mind, and random yarn I’ve bought because it was just too pretty to pass up. So, after this month’s projects (the Swirl and my Om Shawl) have been completed, I’m going to go with the following approach:

  • I can only buy new yarn after completing four planned projects and one project using random stash yarn
  • The four planned projects should be two small (socks, gloves, mittens, mitts, cowls, hats) and two larger projects (sweater or top, shawl, scarf, caplet, etc.)
  • The stash-buster project can be anything, but the sum total of the project has to be at least of a small project size, i.e., I can’t make just one little softie, but a combination of a few of these cuties would definitely fulfill this requirement
  • EXCEPTION! For fiber festivals, yarn crawls, or visits to a more far-flung yarn stores that I won’t be able to visit again anytime soon (like next month’s trip to Wales and London!), where I find something so exquisite, I can’t possibly walk away from it – well, I am only human. 🙂

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