Naknicromo day 23: Favorite type of project?

There really is no favorite type of project I can point to and say that I enjoy doing it more than any other type of project. The main thing for me is to learn something new or try a different technique as much as possible with each new project. I really enjoyed learning entrelac, but I doubt I’ll use it much beyond the Lady Eleanor Stole I finished last year


I had a ball knitting gloves for Christmas presents this past year, as this was also wholly new to me, but each pair I make from now on will have to contain some element, like a shaping technique I’m not familiar with, or beading, or some such thing, that’s something I’ve never tried before.


So, I guess I would say variety and challenge are key to my enjoyment of a project. I really value these opportunities to learn, whether it’s on my own, in a class or knit-along, or from a YouTube video. It’s what keeps me interested and excited about the craft.

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