Naknicromo day 27: One WIP at a time? Or 100?

I definitely embrace the “one WIP at a time” approach. Right now I have two projects going, and it’s annoying me to no end.

A little over a week ago at my last Swirl knit-along gathering, I was talking with the other knitters about just this subject. I believe, without exception, they all had multiple projects going at once, with some doing more than one large project, such as the Swirl sweater and an Einstein Coat. What’s more, before even finishing the first Swirl, several knitters were already planning their second one.

We discussed the difference between knitters who are geared toward the finished object (that would be my approach), and those who simply love the process, and are happy when knitting anything, regardless of whether they finish the piece within X number of days/weeks. If a large piece takes me longer than two months, or a project like socks stretches out longer than one month, I feel I’m not really being productive. I need that finished object to justify the time I spend on my couch with the needles.

I also need to vary the types of projects. I can’t imagine doing two shawls back to back, or even a shawl followed by a scarf. I even chafe at having to do that second sock, mitten or glove! I’m wondering if this mania for finished objects will diminish at all when I retire (unfortunately, many years from now) and don’t have to squeeze my knitting in around a work schedule. Maybe then I’ll be more inclined to enjoy the ride, rather than rushing to the destination.

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