Naknicromo day 29: Any other crafts?

We’re nearing the finish line, and none too soon! I’m not sure I love this idea of month-long blog challenges. This one was OK, as it did offer some interesting post topics, but it tended to be a bit repetitive. I really only like posting when I feel I have something interesting, entertaining, or insightful to write – I’m sure we’ve all seen the, “Hey everyone, don’t have much to say today” posts and wondered why the blogger bothered with a post at all. That being said …

There’s this April A to Z challenge I just read about. It offers more flexibility than the Naknicromo challenge, and even gives you every Sunday (except April 30th) off. I’m thinking about it, though I will be on vacation for a week and a half in April and will only have my iPad or phone for doing blog entries on those days, which isn’t ideal. Anyone ever done this challenge or planning to do it this year?

Back to Naknicromo – the only other craft I’ve dabbled in recently is some simple sewing. I made my neighbor a lovely set of eight quilted placemats for Christmas, and I have the fabric to make a set of four for my mother. I would love to go beyond dabbling and learn to make clothing, much for the same reason I enjoy knitting. I don’t often find clothes that really excite me, so I end up buying some really boring, functional fashion. The items often don’t fit as I would want, don’t hold up well, and don’t make me feel fabulous. On the other hand, I love wearing the knitted pieces I’ve made for myself. They are custom-built for my shape and taste, and knowing that I created them gives me a sense of satisfaction that I believe comes across in my demeanor when wearing them. If I could reach a level of confidence in sewing that I have in knitting, I would be over the moon. What holds me back is the fear of cutting fabric – once the scissors have done their job, there’s no turning back, so errors can be costly. With knitting, you can always frog, but with sewing, there might be some very discouraging, irreparable mistakes that come with the learning curve. This, like all things, probably requires starting small and simple, and working up from there.

Hmmm, I think I just addressed tomorrow’s “Crafts I’d like to learn” Naknicromo topic. Darnit!

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