Naknicromo day 30: Crafts you’d like to learn

Both of the other crafts I’m interested in would require significant investment of time and money, which would therefore take time and money away from my investment in knitting. I will some day soon try my hand at spinning. I have roving, and I have a drop spindle, and it does look very relaxing and meditative when people do it – people who know what they’re doing. And sewing clothing is the other craft – I could go hog wild in material stores, stocking up on all sorts of great fabrics, with lovely fiber content and motifs, to make patterns for all sorts of wonderful garments.

But, when it comes to spinning, I’m not sure I’d ever be able to create a yarn that matches what I can find in my favorite LYS. I don’t really have the facilities to dye fiber or yarn either, so I’d be reliant on buying roving in the color I wanted to work with. And for sewing my own clothing – to be honest, it’s expensive. Just like with knitting, you’re not saving money by making your own clothes. If you’re truly skilled/talented, you can make garments that fit you perfectly. While you’re learning and honing your skill, though, you can expect that some of your efforts will result in ill-fitting clothes you won’t even want to keep. And god forbid you gain/lose weight to the point that something you’ve made no longer fits. That’s not such an issue with knitting, as even more fitted knit pieces tend to have some give, and positive ease is natural with many other garments, as you want to be able to layer, so it’s a more forgiving garment type – much more forgiving than, say, an a-line skirt or a sundress.

So, for now, I’m happy to focus on knitting. Maybe someday I’ll have enough sweaters, shawls, hats, and scarves. Maybe when I retire, I’ll move to the desert, where I won’t need as many knitted garments as I do in upstate New York. But I hope not.

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