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Knitting as activism

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My Facebook feed served up an article from PBS.org about knitting and activism. It’s worth a read, though I found it a bit disappointing. The narrative quickly becomes one of sewing circles and knitting, so the title Stitch by Stitch: A Brief History of Knitting and Activism is a misleading one. And “brief” is an understatement, as the author jumps quickly from the mid-1800s to the 1990s with only a short mention of the suffragist movement in the 1920s. Perhaps there’s not much original source material on the political activities of crafters throughout history. The author clearly wanted to capture the current zeitgeist and draw comparisons to other ages, other movements, but the material doesn’t seem to be that plentiful – maybe something that was only found out once the story was pitched and accepted. Or maybe it simply wasn’t thoroughly researched.

Still worth having a look though. But do yourself a favor and avoid the comment section. It puzzles me as to why so many comment sections devolve so quickly into nastiness and name calling. I’m guessing none of the negative Nellies there are actually knitters, as we’re a nicer bunch than the comments would lead one to believe.

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