Knitting for a good cause

The crafting community is known for providing an open and welcoming environment to all who are interested in joining. I’ve found knitters to be some of the most hospitable and warm people you could ever meet. It wasn’t surprising then when I ran across this New York Times article from Christmas Eve about the need for blankets for orphaned baby elephants in Myanmar and what one particular group is doing to help. The region has been experiencing uncharacteristically cold temperatures. As many of these animals come to the rescue organizations in already compromised conditions due to neglect, abuse or having to fend for themselves without their mothers (most of whom have fallen victim to poachers), the colder temperatures have put them at even greater health risks.

Enter Blankets for Baby Rhinos, founded in 2016 by Sue Brown. The organization coordinates the delivery of hand-knit and hand-crocheted items to wildlife rescue organizations for both the animals and their caretakers. Becoming a donor is easy–simply search for the group on Facebook, request to join the group and, once you’ve been accepted, view their guidelines for crafting and shipping your hand-crafted items.

Many knitters I know are also animal lovers. I’ve tried in the past to carve out weekend time to volunteer at a farm animal rescue organization in the next county, but the 45-minute drive each way and four-hour shift was more than I could could manage with the demands of my household chores and errands and the like. But, as is the case with many of knitting friends, I want to spend a fair chunk of my free time in activities that add meaning to my life (which, let’s be honest, my job does not provide) while somehow also improving the lives of others. This group is ideal in that my efforts will help animals in need while also feeding my desire to knit during every spare moment of every day. If you are an animal lover and a yarn crafter, I highly recommend joining this group and lending your skills to comfort these animals.

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