Out of the loop

Winter is always a strange time when it comes to being creative/productive. Last winter I made it through the rush of Christmas-present knitting and finished everything on time. Christmas Eve I cast on a gorgeous forest green, lightly variegated, heavy Aran-weight yarn from Briar Rose Fibers to make a hooded cardigan, and that project is still not finished. All the inspiration gained from attending fiber festivals in the fall and the thrill of the first chill in the air is often no match for what is always a long winter in upstate New York. Once the holidays are over and I’m back from my obligatory mid-winter trip to a warmer climate, I’m faced with the reality of many more weeks of cold, dark, dreary weather (no matter what the groundhog says on February 2nd!). I lose steam and become an inert lump in front of my TV watching endless reruns of shows I’ve already seen a hundred times.

But, not this year and not in 2019! … she says optimistically. I resolve not to fall victim to the winter slump, because that leads to springtime malaise and then the limp summertime feeling that makes it oh so tough to pick up the needles again.

I haven’t been completely unproductive though. The image in the header includes not only my sharp new short haircut but also the lovely On the Spice Market shawl made with a bamboo/merino blend called Bam Woo from Whole Knit n’ Caboodle. I’ve knocked out a great little slouch hat that became the first article I used my new Etsy-supplied, personalized tags on:

I indulged my predilection for binging on sock knitting:

and I wrapped up a couple of UFOs:

I’ve also got loads of stuff I want to write about, so here’s to hoping I can keep at it more regularly than I’ve done so far in 2018. Oh yes! I’ve also moved all my knitting-related photo posting to a new Instagram account, @iloveagoodyarn, so if you’re on Instagram and want to follow along, that would be super.

Happy knitting!

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