2019 was a slow year in knitting


Though not a slow year from any other perspective, my count of finished knitting projects was abysmal in 2019. I wrapped up only five FOs in the entire calendar year. Though I did complete my first colorwork yoke sweater (seen above, the SnowFlower), the remainder of the projects were not that impressive: two pairs of socks, a cowl, and my first WestKnits pattern, the Batad poncho/scarf.

The year began with a bout of the flu and work stress due to yet another reorganization at my company. We seem to have them at least once a year now (we’ve got another one underway now). Last year’s occurred around the same time as my 50th birthday, while I was away from the office for two weeks to celebrate the milestone. I was grateful that I wasn’t available to get the daily gossip and rumors over email during this time, but it still caused for some tense times. In the end, my situation actually improved, I’m happy to say, so I’m keeping fingers crossed that I’ll be unaffected by what’s going on this year.

I clocked some fun travel in 2019, both work-related (Paris in February and Arizona in April) and personal (Montreal in May and September, Maine in June, West Virginia in March and England in October), and managed to resist the temptation to shop for yarn during most of these trips. Though the same could not be said for the weekend spent at the New York Sheep and Wool Festival in Rhinebeck in October. I bought some lovely yarn there and hope to cast on these new projects once the remaining WIPs/UFOs are finished.

Part of the reason my knitting was put on hold was the time I invested in my garden this year. I’m hoping those efforts will result in some more mature plants that will require less work and attention this year, but I’m sure there will still be a lot of maintenance involved for at least another few seasons. But it’ll all be worthwhile if the result is some beautiful gardens to enjoy in the warmer seasons.


But the year certainly wasn’t completely lacking in interesting and enjoyable crafting experiences, so I’m hoping to get back to writing regularly to talk about some of the neat stuff 2019 brought. In the meantime, Happy New Year to all! Stay warm, and keep knitting.

2 thoughts on “2019 was a slow year in knitting

  1. I have already begun to think about gardening. I did a bit of upgrading on my beds and some fencing to keep out the critters last summer but I think I need to replenish my soil before I begin again. Of course, our last frost date is May 15 so it is a bit far off.

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    1. Yes, I usually plant end of May, as we still are at risk of overnight frost before then. It’s a very short growing season for the outdoor vegetable plots.


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