My first attempt at charted lettering

Last year I had the idea to make a little keepsake pillow as a housewarming gift for my friend who bought her first home in Brooklyn (the same friend who gave me the wonderful German knitting pattern book described in my last post). This friend is a fairly well-recognized photographer of street art and graffiti, so I knew I wanted the pillow to feature her artist’s moniker, Luna Park. But it took me a very long time to figure out how to have that name appear on the pillow and determine whether anything else should also be spelled out (like some commemoration of the purchase year and location of her home).

As time passed and I failed to get my act together to give her the gift over the late spring/early summer when she first moved in, nor for a birthday gift in early December, nor for Christmas . . . my procrastination knows no bounds . . . I finally settled on the design for the pillow and font to use. I’d scoured the internet for a graffiti-like font, but none really fit the bill. I was concerned they’d be illegible once I’d charted them out. So, the finished product doesn’t really have the graffiti feel I’d wanted, but it turned out OK.


It’s got its flaws, but I’m pretty happy with the results, considering this was my first attempt at creating my own lettering charts and fitting them to a knitted piece that required specific dimensions. I did, however, try a variety of methods for holding the yarn when doing the stranded colorwork, so my tension ended up being all over the place. I’m hoping this is something only another knitter would notice (my friend does not knit).

All in all, it was a satisfying project. I learned a very valuable new technique (carrying long floats) using a great video by Knit Purl Hunter, and I got to practice a new favorite cast on–Judy’s Magic Cast-On–which I’ve used before for toe-up socks but also found to work great for the pillow case. The practice I got on the stranded colorwork will serve me well for future projects using this technique, and I’ve got tons of them in my project queue, from sweaters, to cowls, to mittens and beyond. But, I’ve got two more UFOs to wrap up before a new cast on, so it’s back to seaming/hemming/button sewing/end weaving/finishing/blocking land for me!


6 thoughts on “My first attempt at charted lettering

  1. It’s a sad fact that the very nature of knitted stitches – loops pulled through loops – precludes it from being a good medium for lettering. With that in mind, your results for Luna Park look pretty good.

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