Goodreads book review: The Outlander

The OutlanderThe Outlander by Gil Adamson

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Wonderful prose, beautiful descriptions of the landscape and conditions encountered by the main character while on her flight from her pursuers. I think the author shared just enough of the main characters’ backgrounds to answer any questions about why they ended up in their respective circumstances at the story’s onset–yet she didn’t offer so much as to leave nothing to the imagination. I often find that, when authors divulge a great deal about a character’s back story, the way that character reacts, behaves and speaks in the course of the narrative can sometimes be at odds with what one expects based on the knowledge of the character’s past or upbringing. Ms. Adamson did a wonderful job of giving the reader just enough without muddying our ability to fill in the blanks ourselves. A really masterful work and recommended to anyone who enjoys stories with a strong sense of place that acts almost as its own character within the plot.

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