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Best-laid plans

Ugh, already making adjustments to the 2018 goals. Making time to write every day is tough when there are errands to do and, let’s be honest, fun to be had with friends and family. How about this, instead of vowing to write every day, I vow to write at least once a week and guarantee that what I write will be at least somewhat entertaining and/or informative? I think that beats struggling to write every day and often having nothing interesting to say, right? I know I’m rationalizing, but it’s my only recourse at this point.

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Getting started

Today’s a good day to start a new blog. I’ve abandoned two others. I never knew exactly what my niche should be. All the blog experts say you’ve got to have a niche, be an expert in some area, provide some expertise no one else can, develop your brand, etc. None of that ever worked for me. I love to travel, but I didn’t want to write a travel blog. Music, writing, knitting, exploring all that my home state has to offer, cats, good food, photography … I have hundreds of interests, but wouldn’t claim to be an expert at any. I’m not a brand. I’m not trying to sell anything. But I do like writing about what makes me happy. What keeps me from whiling away too many hours in front of the TV or scrolling the endless news feeds. Despite what you may have heard of late, there are positive things going on in the world, and that should be our focus. Keep the less-than-positive influences in check, to be sure, but don’t let them become a too-constant presence.

I do love a good yarn. I love knitting with it as a way to create something tangible and beautiful. I love reading it as a way to relax and stimulate at the same time. I love that yarns can be both creative inspiration and medium. When you spin them, they can be captivating and meditative, tangled and knotted. I’m excited to have another try at spinning mine.